Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get Interactive: What's Your Status?

Our creative Westover librarian, Katherine has an update on her latest cool display:

Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I feel like I'm becoming the character. Like everything that affects them is affecting me too. A really good book can change the way you look at the world, and make you see life in a new light… And a really good book makes me wonder what the character would say if they could tell me how they're really feeling.

That's what led me to ask teens at Westover Branch Library: "What would the character in the book  you're reading post on his/her Facebook status?"

They answered on our white board with sticky notes:

What would the character you're reading about write if they took a minute out of their busy book life to tell their friends about it in a status update?


Krista said...

I love this idea!

nico said...

Thanks so much! We love all of Katherine's creative displays!

Anonymous said...

"His or her" Facebook status would be correct, since the prompt is asking about a single character.

nico said...

Thanks for the comment. Hope you'll keep reading.

LA Youth Services said...

Such a creative idea! I am going to share with my teen librarian.

Ashley Bolton said...

I love this idea and think my 4th graders will get a kick out of this!